• INDEPENDENT Music. Women Owned.

    Born in Macon, GA. Built and Managed on the Road.

  • MEGAN JEAN and the KFB ALBUM OUT ON Vinyl Now. Playground Queen video (above) from the release.


    Question: What is ALo records and how do you pronounce it?


    Answer: We are a mighty, boutique record label that aims to be a voice, an outlet and an ally for artists that are often overlooked by an industry that still bows to the ghosts of music past. We don’t have all of the answers, but we plan to work together to figure it out. We are a label without a home but we are not homeless. We bounce around this giant rock of ours as much as possible, just like the artists that we work with. We're a touring label for the touring artist. And our laptops are our office? (Oh, and ALo Vera. She's a bus.)


    The long and the short of it is quite simple: there has to be a better way for talented artists, that don’t fit the mold to make an honest living, have management and leadership in their court and on their team, no matter their size, skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation…etc etc etc. Times are a changin’ and music needs to catch up already.




    Oh…the name? It’s a Virginia Woolf reference ("A Label of One's Own) that’s pronounced like that sweet plant humans have been using to soothe burns since long before baby Jesus allegedly walked (or crawled) the Earth.


    We like books without pictures and we ain’t gonna burn you.


    We also like to think we’re clever as hell. (Sometimes we are).


    We are a small, but mighty, band of folks interested in working together to making the music business work better for the most indispensable part of the whole shebang: the musicians themselves.

    Makenna Held


    Chris Nylund

    Lead Cat Wrangler/Executive Producer

    Marketing Coordinator

    in Hiring, Announcing soon!

    Edite Santos

    Co-Founder/ Vinyl Goddess

  • Our Artists

    A rag tag bunch of out of the box artists

    Megan Jean and the KFB

    Vinyl release 2018

    Heavy metal music from the 1920s. Vinyl Investment Partner for their 2018 release Tarantistas.

    Chris Nylund

    ​LP coming in 2018

    Half-musician, half-librarian. 100% can't grow a beard (sometimes he still tries).

    Mag Andie

    EP coming in 2018

    Ukelele romancer and guitar twanger. But really? We're just here for her voice.

  • BUY VInyl

    We partner with musicians to make their vinyl dreams a reality.

    Tarantistas by Megan Jean and the KFB
    Tarantistas by Megan Jean and the KFB
    30.00 - 40.00
    Coming soon
  • Submissions

    We have two programs right now: VIP partner program & The Label


    People love buying vinyl but the upfront cost can be crippling to an artist that’s busy making art, planning tours, making flyers, paying for gas, finding money to eat, recording, writing…so we developed our VIP partner program to help fix that problem.


    If you are a touring act that wants to increase their bottom line by getting vinyl pressed, hit us up. If you just wanna get vinyl pressed to impress your friends and/or your (hopefully) future sex partners, ask someone else.


    The Label:

    Getting signed is a cool thing, we get it, but we ain’t gonna get you limo rides and unlimited studio time. We won’t give you a blank check to “find your sound.” We’re looking for artists that have a clear idea of what’s going on, with a proven background in crowdfunding and a solid fan base that want some help to make the next step. Our goal here is to work together to build something that makes an impact and helps us all grow. If you've raised at least $3,500 in a crowdfunding campaign for a previous release from fans (aka people other than your aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, and dad) AND you've been on at least two tours in the United States you might be a fit for us. If you meet that criteria, give us your name, email, and a link to your music where we can give a listen. If we love it? We'll be in touch.


    Did I mention we want a link to your music?

    No…really. Send us a link to some of your tunes.

  • Want to stay in touch and be in the know about our artists, releases, etc?

    Give us an email. In exchange, we'll send you free tracks once a month. Yeah, we said FREE.